Crafted and Bottled by Bilaro Spirits, LLC., Sebastopol, CA

Patrick Bickford, Owner

Susan LaRossa, Owner



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Amaro Bilaro is our first amaro, made in the style we love: balanced, bracing and most importantly, bitter.

Founded in Sebastopol, California in early 2016 by two recovering sommeliers, Bilaro Spirits' mission is to share their love of all things vinous and bitter. Amaro Bilaro is the result of over two years of recipe testing, and is made at Spiritsmith Distilling in Sebastopol.

We macerate herbs, spices and botanicals in a base of 160 proof premium grape spirit, distilled from Sonoma County grapes, in a stainless steel tank for three weeks.  Following maceration, we rectify to 80 proof with a solution of earl grey tea and sugar.  After an initial racking, we transfer to neutral barrels for three months before filtering and bottling.

bitter orange

bitter orange

Bittering agents used are gentian root, rhubarb root and myrrh.  Other key herb components are rosemary, saffron, mint, grapefruit peel and bitter orange.

Batch 1 was released in July, 2016.  We bottled 140 six-packs, in 750ml format, at 40% ABV.

The West County Wanderer

The West County Wanderer




1 ounce barrel-aged gin (we prefer Russell Henry Dark Gin)

1 ounce Amaro Bilaro

1 ounce Aperol

2 dashes Fee Brothers Orange Bitters

Combine ingredients in a mixing glass full of ice, stir well until chilled.  Strain into a chilled coupe glass.  Garnish with a slice of persimmon.