Jake Bilbro, Owner

Limerick Lane Cellars is a 30-acre estate located in the Russian River Valley.  In an appellation that's renowned for growing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, they grow and produce world class Zinfandel and Rhone blends.  It's both a paradox and a perfect metaphor for this unusual estate.  The goal with each vintage is to clearly express the interplay between this extraordinary site and the seasons ... and to share it in a laid back fashion that stays true to who they are.

Jake Bilbro

Jake Bilbro

Originally planted in 1910, nothing about the 28 acres under vine makes sense.

  • Each block features random varietals of wildly inconsistent ages.

  • The rows go in different - counterintuitive - directions.

  • Some are narrow.  Some are wide.  Few are, inconceivably enough, actually straight.

  • To drive a tractor on this land you must possess the patience for a 72-point turn. 

Grenache/Syrah and Zinfandel

Grenache/Syrah and Zinfandel



Oh, and the Syrah is head-pruned.  Logic and efficiency are not hardwired into the design.  And yet - by luck or kismet - it all works.  Simply put, Limerick Lane is perfectly imperfect.  And they wouldn't have it any other way.

At Limerick Lane, they subscribe to the "less is more" approach:

  • They farm organically.  No pesticides or herbicides are used, only organic fungicides, judicially and minimally.

  • They believe in dry farming and/or minimal irrigation.  The less water given to the vines, the more deeply they drive their roots into the earth.  The deeper the roots, the more the site speaks through the vine and in the wine.

  • Head trained vines are vital.  It may look like a mess, but it serves a vital function - shading the fruit from sun exposure, and produces a wider variety of ripeness. 

The balance of the fruit that isn't used for Limerick Lane is sold to and earmarked as vineyard-designate wines to esteemed wineries such as: Carlisle, Bedrock Wine Co., Robert Biale, Matthiasson, and AldenAlli.