Wabi-sabi: the beauty of natural imperfection, and old-vine Zinfandel

Under a setting supermoon, the team from Radio-Coteau began harvesting Robert's Block Zinfandel at dawn today.  Last night's full moon/lunar eclipse/supermoon provided loads of light early this morning, and the moon didn't set until nearly 7:30AM.

Robert's Block is a 3 acre block named after Robert Von Weidlich, the former owner of the ranch who planted the vines in the early 1980's.  These are not the oldest Zinfandel vines on the ranch; there is a 2 acre block planted by the Morelli family in 1946, which will be harvested after Robert's Block is picked. 

Like many vineyards this year, yields are down at the Radio-Coteau estate vineyard.  Very careful picking and sorting is happening in the vineyard as well as at the winery, to remove shot berries and overripe fruit.   

Patrick rolled up his sleeves and jumped in to help with the pick this morning

I heard the term Wabi-sabi for the first time this morning, in describing the Zinfandel on the ranch.  It is a Japanese term, which represents an aesthetic centered on the beauty of imperfection.  Even in a more "perfect" growing season, old-vine Zinfandel can be gnarly and imperfect, but in a beautiful way.  So say the folks that lovingly tend these vines and act as stewards of this land. They certainly are tasty grapes; we all were munching on them this morning, myself included!

I always enjoy visiting this special site.  There is an energy, calm and powerful, that runs throughout the property.  The beauty of the land is enhanced by the careful stewardship by the Radio-Coteau team, and the ranch was practically vibrating with positive energy this morning under the current lunar cycle.  Spending time at the ranch never fails to help bring me to a more peaceful place.