What's in a Label?

I love photographing labels.  Mostly wine labels, though a catchy spirits label inspires me from time to time.  We see so many wine labels on social media today, on Instagram and Delectable, and of course Facebook and Twitter, too.  When I worked in restaurants, so many guests asked me for the label of the bottle I sold them, so they could remember the wine (anyone else remember clear plastic label removers?).  Now, all you need to do is pull out your phone to capture the image, and you have an instant record of the producer and vintage.

Of course, there are many times I snap a quick photo with my phone, especially when I'm out to dinner.  But these photos are different; I slow down, take my time and try to capture something special.  Most of the labels I've shot are of wines made by friends, and I think I see a little bit of their personalities captured on the beautiful labels.  

Here are some of my favorites.  Cheers!