Harvest 2015: That's a Wrap!

I took my last harvest photos today.  Another early morning, 4:30 am alarm to get me to Napa Valley, Oak Knoll District at sunrise to join a pick crew at Darms Lane.  The crew from Doug Wight Vineyard Management picked Cabernet Sauvignon from the Linda's Hillside block, named for Linda Bump, co-owner of Darms Lane who tragically passed away after a battle with ovarian cancer.

Linda's Hillside

Shortly after sunrise, I saw a balloon come over the top of Linda's Hillside and head south over the vineyard.  At the top of Linda's Hillside is Trefethen; their Cabernet block that goes into their reserve wine HaLo is right on the other side of the Darms Lane hillside.  It looked as if the balloons were launching from Trefethen, and many more balloons followed until at one point I counted 10 balloons!  

First light through the grapes.  The fruit looked beautiful and healthy from this block, with greater volume and less shot berries than I've seen from other vineyards.

Harvest 2015 has been a wonderful experience, and I am grateful for my new camera and the opportunity to make a few nice images.  Although today is a wrap for my harvest photos in the vineyard, luckily there is still plenty of action going on in the wineries, so stay tuned!

One of my favorite images from Harvest 2015